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LTC Course Information

What to Expect from the Course:
1.Learn relevant law/code in regards to firearms and use of force
2.Non-violent dispute resolution
3.Refresher on the use/parts of a handgun
4.Safe storage information
5.Written Test
6.Shooting Test
Course schedule: 4 hours of classroom instruction, followed by 1 hour at the range.

What should you do before the class?
1.Submit your application to DPS here. Note: Can be done afterwards, but it will be faster to apply first. You can upload documents after the class.
2.Clean and/or lubricate your pistol and go shoot! Make sure you know how to operate your handgun and that it works properly before coming to class (LTC is not a basic pistol course-it is to certify you for carrying a handgun in public). If you don't feel confident with your shooting before taking the class, please see me or another gun guy/gal for a little training first!
3.Be well rested! We cover a lot in a short amount of time!

What do you need to bring for the LTC course?
1.Handgun of any caliber (used to be .32 caliber or higher)
Note: Lasers and scopes are not allowed on your handgun, must use open sights. If you have a laser, you do not need to remove it - just make it non-functional (i.e. electrical tape over laser).
Note: You do not have to shoot with the handgun you plan to carry. I have a few pistols you can use if you have a mechanical failure at the range or don't currently own a handgun. But again, this is not a pistol I class - you should have some basic handgun and safety knowledge.
2.Ammunition - 50 rounds to qualify, please bring an extra box (100 rounds +)
3.Safety glasses and ear muffs if you have them (range can provide as well)
4.Wear hard soled, closed toed shoes (boots, tennis shoes, sneakers, etc. - no flip flops!)
5.A sandwich for a quick lunch

What should you do after the class?
1.Submit your application to DPS and get fingerprinted, if you didn't do so already.
2.Upload your CHL-100 here.
3.You can check your status by logging into DPS here. Please note that it takes awhile (sometimes weeks) for things to update. However, wait times from all documents submitted to license in hand is around 1 month right now.

Shooting Qualification
20 rounds at 3 yards, 20 rounds at 7 yards, and 10 rounds at 15 yards at a B27 target. I recommend practicing at 7 and 15 yards (if you can shoot 7 yards, you can shoot 3 yards). You get 1.5-2 seconds per shot at 3 yards, 2 seconds per shot at 7 yards, and 3 seconds per shot at 15 yards. It's more time than you think.
See here for the specific course of fire.

Are you Eligible for an LTC (CHL)?
Generally, if you have not been convicted of a class A or B misdemeanor in the past 5 years, and are not a felon, you are eligible.
See the link below for full details, section GC 411.172. ELIGIBILITY

Common LTC Frequently Asked Questions, courtesy of Texas DPS: